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Want to work in a profession that allows you to make six figures a year all while working from home?

Want to work in a profession that allows you to make six figures a year all while working from home?

Well look no further because here at Money Made Virtually, our goal is to help you do just that by helping you become a Front-end Software Engineer.

Software Engineering is unique in that you can literally learn technical skills and programming languages in a matter of weeks or months, interview for companies like Meta and Amazon, and secure an entry level job with a starting salary in the high fives to six figures range.

Don’t believe me?
Let me share my story. 

My Story

In 2017 I was let go from my Advertisement Consulting contract. I was pregnant, broke, and had no clue what I was going to do to make money.

I decided that I wanted to make more money and chose to pursue a career in Technology. I signed up for a coding bootcamp and within 6 weeks of joining the bootcamp, I landed my first role as a QA Engineer.

A month later, I landed my first role as a Software Engineer at a Fortune 500 company with a starting salary of $75,000.00 A YEAR!

That salary allowed me to buy a car, buy a home, provide a decent lifestyle for my children, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

I loved the feeling of being financially comfortable so much that I’ve decided to start showing men and women like you how to get into the field and advance without having to:

  • Attend expensive bootcamps
  • Spend four or more years in college
  • Pay for unnecessary certifications
  • Sacrifice your emotional well-being in pursuit of money
  • Quit your day job while learning the necessary skillsets to land your first job as a Software Engineer.

Here's What You'll Get When You Join The Community


24 Weeks of Technical Training: You’re going to gain access to industry standard technical training which you’ll need to become a Front-end Software Engineer. You’ll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GIT, and GitHub. (Valued at $5,350.00)


Portfolio Development: You’ll develop a portfolio of projects which you’ll present during job interviews. Having a portfolio to showcase your knowledge and experience makes the difference between receiving job offers and never receiving a call back. (Valued at $1,200.00)


Receive Feedback On Your Code Thanks To Continuous Code Reviews: Every time you upload an assignment, you’ll receive feedback on what you’ve done well and what could be improved. Employers will be impressed with your portfolio because they’ll see that you’ve produced high quality code and projects. (Valued at $1,250.00)


Biweekly Live Group Based Interview Preparation: Thanks to biweekly live mock interviews, you’ll go into your real job interviews feeling confident and prepared to land job offers. During these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to answer questions based on what you’ve learned and receive critical feedback on how you can improve your answers. (Valued at $2,400.00)


Biweekly Live Group Based Resume & LinkedIn Coaching: You have the best shot at landing job interviews if your resume and LinkedIn profiles showcase you in the best light. With resume & LinkedIn coaching, you’ll learn how to make your resume and LinkedIn profile glow. (Valued at $2,100.00)


Interactive Study Tools: In order to make the information stick and test your knowledge, we’ve put together interactive digital flashcards, customizable assessments, and interview based questions which you can access on the go via a mobile app. (Valued at $150.00)


Weekly Coding Challenges: In order to become an employable Software Engineer, you must spend time writing code! Each week we put together new coding challenges for you to complete, show off your skills, and build your confidence. (Valued at $250.00)


Soft Skills Development: Knowing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GIT, & GitHub is not enough to excel in the field of Software Engineering. There are other skillsets you’ll need to possess which are referred to as Soft Skills. In this community, you’ll learn how to become persuasive, increase your emotional intelligence, showcase leadership qualities, and so much more. (Valued at $1,250.00)


Live Sessions With Industry Experts: Ever wanted to pick the brains of Software Engineers, Recruiters, Hiring Managers, as well as other professionals in the Technology field? You’re in luck because we periodically have experts speak to the community and share insight on landing job offers, working in tech, and excelling to the next level. (Valued at $675.00)


Live Biweekly Office Hours: Whenever you have questions that you’d like to be answered live, then you’ll have the opportunity to join live Office Hours which takes place every two weeks. (Valued at $1350.00)


Exclusive Access To The Community: The community is filled with members like you who are training to become Software Engineers. In the community, you’ll have access to industry relevant articles, fun polls, events, and dialogues that will not only shape you as a professional but as a person too. (Valued at $2,450.00)


Total Value: $18,425.00

But You’ll Pay: $199.99 / Month

I’ve been providing career coaching to current and aspiring Software Engineers for a while now and am so excited to be a part of your journey now.

The path to become a Software Engineer will not always be easy, and there may be times where you’ll feel like giving up. With the right community behind you like this one, you’ll have a much greater chance of making your goal a reality.

If you’re ready to take your life and career to new heights, then I welcome you to join this tribe and wait no longer. You’re moments away from the opportunity of a lifetime!

Requirements To Join:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. Must have a laptop or desktop
  3. Must have internet access
  4. Must be able to do basic math


Do I need prior coding experience to join this program?

No! You do not need any prior coding experience to succeed in this program.

How are lessons delivered?

Everyday over the course of 24 weeks, a new lesson unlocks for you to study. This is a self paced course so you can learn at your own time and speed.

How much time do I have to dedicate to studying?

This is completely up to you. Some of our students choose to study and practice coding 10-20 minutes a day while others dedicate more time. You are truly in control over how much time you dedicate to studying.

Can I work a full-time job while in this program?

Absolutely! Since this program is self paced, you can learn at a time that is convenient to you.

Don’t I need a college degree to become a Software Engineer? 

Nope! You just need the technical knowledge and experience to become a Software Engineer. You will gain that technical skillsets and experience during your time in this program.

What happens if it takes me more than 24 weeks to finish the program?

That is completely fine! You will have access to the course for as long as you are a member of the community so if you need more time, that’s completely acceptable

What if I get stuck and need help?

I will be here with you every step of the way. Whenever you have a question about what you’re learning, you’ll be able to reach out to me or other members of the community to get the help you need.

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